Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Very Far Away from Anywhere Else

And I needed a rock. 
Something to hold onto, 
to stand on. 
Something solid. 
Because everything was going soft, 
turning into mush, 
into marsh, 
 into fog. 
Fog closing in on all sides. 
I didn't know where I was at all...


Rick Forrestal said...

Great post.

Zinaida Strinu said...

Bună ziua!
”Miercurea fără cuvinte” a lui Călin are căsuță nouă, aici: https://miercureafaracuvinte.blogspot.ro/
Vino să te înscrii în tabel cu postarea ta, te așteptăm!

Linda said...

Wonderful post and beautiful photo!

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