Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Invention of Everything Else

“Wait," I say. 
"I think you're mistaken. Saying there is no dream is the same as saying everything is a dream. Isn't it? Everyone's a dreamer? 
Extraordinary things happen all the time even when we're awake. 
What I meant to suggest to you, if indeed that was me in your dream doing the suggesting, 
is that there is only one world. 
This one. 
The dream is real. 
The ordinary is the wonderful. 
The wonderful is the ordinary.” 

― Samantha Hunt, The Invention of Everything Else


Bill said...

The reflection makes for an amazing combination...

Fram Actual said...

There was an episode in my life which took place when I was nineteen. I sometimes wonder if, during it, I actually died .... and, if everything in my life since then is an element within a dream .... or, maybe, a dream within a dream from which I will never emerge ....

You appear to be reading a great deal and a wide variety these days, Daliana ....