Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SOLARIS - Tabula Rasa (Arvo Pärt)

“We take off into the cosmos, ready for anything: for solitude, for hardship, for exhaustion, death. Modesty forbids us to say so, but there are times when we think pretty well of ourselves. And yet, if we examine it more closely, our enthusiasm turns out to be all a sham. We don't want to conquer the cosmos, we simply want to extend the boundaries of Earth to the frontiers of the cosmos. For us, such and such a planet is as arid as the Sahara, another as frozen as the North Pole, yet another as lush as the Amazon basin. We are humanitarian and chivalrous; we don't want to enslave other races, we simply want to bequeath them our values and take over their heritage in exchange. We think of ourselves as the Knights of the Holy Contact. This is another lie. We are only seeking Man. We have no need of other worlds. A single world, our own, suffices us; but we can't accept it for what it is. We are searching for an ideal image of our own world: we go in quest of a planet, a civilization superior to our own but developed on the basis of a prototype of our primeval past. At the same time, there is something inside us which we don't like to face up to, from which we try to protect ourselves, but which nevertheless remains, since we don't leave Earth in a state of primal innocence. We arrive here as we are in reality, and when the page is turned and that reality is revealed to us - that part of our reality which we would prefer to pass over in silence - then we don't like it anymore.”
Stanisław Lem, Solaris 

1. Tabula Rasa: I. Ludus -- Con moto (Arvo Pärt)
2. Tabula Rasa: II. Silentium -- Senza moto (Arvo Pärt)
3. Company for String Orchestra: Movement I (Philip Glass)
4. Company for String Orchestra: Movement II (Philip Glass)
5. Company for String Orchestra: Movement III (Philip Glass)
6. Company for String Orchestra: Movement IV (Philip Glass)
7. "Come In!": Movement I (Vladimir Martynov)
8. "Come In!": Movement II (Vladimir Martynov)
9. "Come In!": Movement III (Vladimir Martynov)
10. "Come In!": Movement IV (Vladimir Martynov)
11. "Come In!": Movement V (Vladimir Martynov)
12. "Come In!": Movement VI (Vladimir Martynov)
13. Darf ich (Arvo Pärt)

About this album:

Silencio is a meditative collection of 20th-century works for string orchestra, including works by Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, and Vladimir Martynov. The disc is bookended with works by Pärt, whose Tabula Rasa opens the disc. The work was written for and dedicated to Kremer, violinist Tatjana Grindenko and conductor Eri Klas (all featured on this recording), who premiered it in 1977 in Estonia. It was recorded live for release on ECM later that year. Tabula Rasa is scored for string orchestra, solo violins and prepared piano.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sfinţii Împăraţi Constantin şi Elena

Sfinţii Împăraţi Constantin şi Elena

desen de Daliana Pacuraru

Sfintii Constantin si Elena, "cei intocmai cu Apostolii", sunt pomeniti in Biserica Ortodoxa pe 21 mai.
Sarbatoarea Sfintilor Constantin si Elena este strans legata de taina si puterea Sfintei Cruci – semnul central al religiei crestine. Sfantului Constantin i s-a aratat pe cerul amiezii semnul Crucii spre biruinta (In hoc signo vinces – “Intru acest semn vei invinge”), in pragul infruntarii cu paganul Maxentiu, iar Sfinta Elena, mama sa, a descoperit la Ierusalim Crucea pe care Mantuitorul a fost rastignit. Sfanta Imparateasa Elena a trecut la Domnul la anul 327, putin dupa intoarcerea de la Ierusalim, iar Sfantul Imparat Constantin in 337, dupa 31 de ani de domnie.

The 21st of May is a very big holly day as we celebrate the saints Constantin and Elena. Constantin the Great was a leader of the Roman Empire who lived around 300 A.D. He was the son of Queen Elena and the first Christian Roman Emperor.
He established the new capital of Rome at the old Greek town of Byzantium, which he renamed after himself (Constantinople) and which would be the capital of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire. He raised Christianity to the status of a “permitted religion.” He took a direct interest in matters of doctrine and called the first Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church at Nicaea.In traditional calendar, this event is known as Constantine Starling (Constantin Graur) or Cubs’ Constantine (Constantin al Puilor). Elders say that on this day birds teach their offspring to fly. May 21 is also an occasion for Romanians to celebrate their name day.
Known as those who made Christians free, the two emperors Constantine and Helen became true protectors of the Christians. During his reign, Emperor Constantine adopted a series of measures in favor of the Church and priests. They say his mother, Queen Helena,used to help oppressed Christians.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016



De vanzare Vila D+P+1+M
teren de 200 mp
 strada infundata in apropierea Pietei Dorobanti
. Consolidata in anul
 400 mp suprafata

7 camere mari, 3 bai , 2 balcoane, 2 bucatarii
La demisol - garaj +spatiu hobby

Necesita renovare

Aproape de parcuri,
 spatii comerciale, piata, banci, scoli si gradinite etc
Pretabil : Cabinet de Avocatura, Centru de Infrumusetare,
Cabinet Stomatologie, Locuinta multifamiliala, etc

PRET : 460.000 EUR

Telefon proprietar : 0723 742 986 ( arh. Serban Pacuraru )


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spotlight Festival - Art Installations

What if the entire facade of the Novotel Hotel turns into an optical illusion? Let yourself amazed by the grace of the simple, repetitive graphic elements that manage to change the perception of the building’ shape. This interactive video mapping allows the participants to express their creativity in real time. Using two midi controllers, one can produce and modify the visual images projected on the facade of the building, as well as change the colours, the shapes and also create audio effects and make diverse elements move.
Author: Les Ateliers Nomad (RO)

Five brightly lit angels descended on the streets of Bucharest. Each of them is unique, with their wings in ever-changing colours, the Angels of Freedom allure passengers to approach them, choose their favourite and become part of the show while stepping in the place of a fantastic creature. Ready steady selfie!
Author: OGE Creative Group

Designed initially for a university project, this 60 meters long Dutch installation is a challenge for the senses. Step into a world of ever changing colours, where patterns screened on the floor completely redefine the surrounding space.
Author: Intelligent Lighting Institute of the TU Eindhoven

Watch out for the 12 meters inflatable giant. Made of bright light that shines in the night, this huge creature sets out to explore a new world. Designed to spread the message that our planet is a truly fantastic wonderland, the installation takes after the 1973 science fiction movie with the same title. Whoever visits the Fantastic Planet is transported into a wild universe, populated with numerous giants and a few humans. Don’t let the size of the creatures keep you away, let curiosity prevail and you won’t regret it!
Author: Amanda Parer

We, the humans, think of ourselves as the most powerful creatures roaming the face of Earth.
The HoloFace tries to challenge this feeling of self-importance and lets you control the face of a god of light. Huge in size and presence.
From this change of perspective one should become aware that the way we relate with the smaller, apparently less important things around us, is the way the higher things relate to us.
Artist: Aural Eye  

A 13 meters wide urban mirage. While the light sculpture gradually displays all its details. Pe măsură ce ansamblul își dezvăluie toate detaliile, atenția trecătorilor este provocată să observe noi perspective. Privește cât mai mult instalația, pentru a experimenta efectul relaxant al unei stări de spirit cu adevărat speciale.
Author: Ralf Westerhof 

Hikarinoki is the tree made out entirely of green recyclable materials that contracts anyone around with a good mood. The installation made its debut at Lyon Light Festival in 2009 and is famous for transforming its surroundings with bright lights. A symbol of life, Hikarinoki is the link between earth and sky, a place where different worlds meet. The friendly lightning tree works as a great attraction and meeting point, a place where passengers stop and get intoxicated with smiles.
Author: Philippe Morvan 

Care for a moving planetarium? Experiment the immensity and complexity of the universe with this translucent screening of the sky with all the moving celestial objects and constellations.
Author: 360 Revolution

Multicolored pinguins take over the city and amuse the passengers. This entertaining army of light figurines is placed around complex steel structures. Out of all the penguins with their everchanging colors, Fynn and Dana are the most talkative. Find The Penguin Army and pay attention to what they are communicating!
Author: Jörn Hanitzsch 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Video mapping - Cercul Militar Spotlight 2016

Video mapping Cercul Militar sau Odă Bucuriei (RO)
Cea mai vizibilă atracție de la Spotlight 2016 este pregătită să adune zeci de mii de trecători și anul acesta. Proiecția folosește o animație 3D complexă și folosește fiecare element arhitectonic al clădirii pentru a da viață acesteia, prin culori schimbătoare și joc de forme. Unul dintre cele mai importante repere ale orașului este personalizat și reinterpretat în cel mai atractiv mod posibil.
Autor: Mindscape Studio
Localizare: Calea Victoriei, Cercul Militar

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