Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday Feelings - HOPE

'Easter is the most important religious celebration in my country.
Its traditions go beyond the Christian dogmas, to pagan rituals, myths of creations and symbols of life.

Romanian painted eggs.
They say that  Virgin Mary came to see her crucified son. She carried a basket with eggs, which she laid at the foot of the cross while praying for Christ. His holy blood dropped on the eggs and reddened them.
According to this legend, there should be no other colors used to paint the eggs for Easter but I believe that  the meaning of Easter is preserved, no matter what colors we might choose. In Romania the tradition of decorating eggs is ancestral.In old times a painted eggs was believed to have magic powers and their preparation involved special rituals.  A Romanian painted egg tells you a story, if you know how to read it. Among the many stylized motifs you’ll often find the tree of life, the sun and the Star, the cross, the rooster, the snake and oak leaves, waves, spirals and much more. Each egg is unique. Each egg is special. '
(SOURCE: rounite )

Hristos a înviat!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Macro Flowers-Saturday

' Flowers Day'- this holiday marks the end of the Easter fasting but also the revival of nature after winter.
 It is considered to be the name day of all Romanians with names of flowers (Florina, Florin, Margareta, etc.)
 On this day, people go the church to bless small branches from the willow tree and later put them on door and window sills to protect their home from ills and unpleasant event.
In terms of religion, 'Floriile' marks the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem and on this day people are allowed and it is customary to eat fish. ( focus Romania )

Bliss - No One Built This Moment - The Hope

About Village Museum : Alex Radescu, Muzeul Satului, Kerucov

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