Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Art Safari is the first professional and public art pavilion in Romania, designed for both heritage and contemporary art. Art Safari will bring together more than 100 galleries and art dealers, museums and cultural institutions, both from Romania and abroad, that will exhibit high quality artworks, from paintings and sculptures to design and collectibles, in a refined curatorial manner.

Bucharest is a unique place where the past and the future collide. Also known as “Little Paris” at the beginning of the twentieth century, amputated by several demolitions carried out during the communist era and changed by the new architecture of the past twenty-five years, Bucharest is trying to define its identity. An identity that can only be achieved through cultural recovery. Art Safari, by the public cultural event it organizes, wants to place Bucharest again on the European cultural map.

Why Art Safari? Because Romania’s cultural history has been marked by repeated interruptions and adverse circumstances imposed on its artistic activity to the point of a complete breakage in its communication with the international art scene. Art Safari Bucharest aims to build a strong connection between heritage and contemporary art, artist-gallery-collector, cultural institution and the art market, so as to bring the entire cultural system closer to the public.

Art Safari Bucharest represents the passion to jointly build a local artistic system at European standards by involving all art market players.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Festivalul Turcesc Bucuresti - Turkish Festival

Festivalul Turcesc 2014
Între 16 – 18 mai 2014, în Bucuresti- Parcul Herăstrău (intrarea Charles de Gaulle) , pentru toţi iubitorii de bucătărie, artă şi cultura orientală, se desfăşoară Festivalul Turcesc, eveniment organizat de Fundaţia Tuna în parteneriat cu Primăria Generală a Capitalei.
Inegöl MehterFanfara Militară Istorică Otomană din Bursa, Turcia

mai multe aici : Lucian Muntean  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fanfare Music Festival On Europe Day

Bucharest celebrates Europe Day!
“Fanfare music festival”
On Europe Day, celebrated on May 9, countries like Spain, Holland, France, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, the UK and Turkey accepted the invitation to join the Romanian military band festival, consisting of Music Army Band and Music Navy Band.
The Fanfare Music Festival – will take place on 9 and 10 May, in the following locations: Union Square, University Square, Historic Downtown, Military, Cişmigiu and Constitution Square.
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