Friday, May 24, 2019

Power of Silence

What distinguishes normal people is that we share a metaphorical dagger; 
the concerns of our self - reflection. 
With this dagger, we cut ourselves and bleed; 
and the job of our chains of self - reflection is to give us the feeling that we are bleeding together, 
that we are sharing something wonderful; our humanity. 
But if we were to examine it, 
 we would discover 
that we are bleeding alone; 
that we are not sharing anything; 
that all we are doing is toying with our manageable, 
unreal, man-made reflection. 
 Sorcerers are no longer in the world of daily affairs, 
because they are no longer prey to their self - reflection.

 ― Carlos Castaneda, Power of Silence


kwarkito said...

it's kind of a bondage model. The photo is superb and unusual. You had to be there to take it. Have a good weekend

CARMEN said...

o fotografie mai potrivita textului nici ca se putea! multumesc Daliana pentru portia de frumos.

Dragonstar said...

A strange and disturbing image - well spotted! Great reflection, too.

copilarim said...

Mie mi-a atras atentia mai degraba ceea ce se oglindeste in vitrina. E ca si cum s-ar fi suprapus ceva din anii '40, peste zilele noastre, ca si cum ar fi bucati din timpuri diferite decupate si lipite, foarte interesant!
Un weekend minunat! :)

TheChieftess said...

An interesting and thought provoking image and quote. A bit disturbing as well...

Tom said...

...not quite normal!

Photo Cache said...

A little disturbing.

My Black and White Weekend

Laina said...

Interesting ... a rare photo opportunity, right?

James said...


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