Saturday, January 23, 2010

angkor wat/ drawings

A vision last night before sleep: Leaves and leaves and leaves, leaves curling like shadows, awareness floating through, dream-like in chiaroscuro, golden-brown, parting darkness; emerging, but still into jungle, like roots over stones/crumbled buildings. Where am I? Angkor? I see jungle, no buildings. Still moving, I can't get beyond. I stand at an edge of giant formations, twisted, obscured by my vision. Dim light glows from the horizon. It might even be dawn but, though faint, the light's too bright for dawn in the north. Does tropical dawn come up brilliant? Is it candlelight? A billion flickering candles rimming earth's edge. I open my eyes again. You are not here, you are nowhere...I am awake, without fear. I feel I could have visions often, if I wanted, if I waited quietly for them. I question its meaning. Was it a prophecy, a remembrance, another life -- or just the meaninglessbeauty of living?
ink / pencils / ball pen / canvas

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