Friday, January 7, 2011

Life for Sale - Memories Series

My morning view

Magic for Sale

Heart for Sale

Come to me

Street for Sale

My Island for Sale

Light Shape

Don't leave me

Memories for Sale

My jewellery

My car

My far away friend

My jacket for sale

My gallery

My afterlife for sale

My sign

Zen House

My thoughts

My sky on Vega Planet

Walking with you

Leaving me

My walls

Street for rent

My evenings

Thinking of you

Sunset for sale

Winter patterns

Waiting for you

My nights

01 Anthony Copping - Mana Part 1


Unknown said...

your picture series is unusual in black and white ... my favorites: Street for Sale / My Iceland for Sale / My gallery / Leaving / ... A highlight for the start of the day

Unknown said...

frumoasa serie de amintiri. fiind amintiri nu prea pot sa-mi dau cu parerea care e mai frumoasa si mai bine realizata, deci ma multumesc doar sa le admir.

Multibrand said...

Hello Wind,
I haven't seen a collection of black and white photos for some time.
They are wonderful, as always.

Traveling Hawk said...

Un manunchi de amintiri amestecate, asa cum le pastram si le ducem cu cum ne rasar in minte, pe rand, declansate de te miri ce...E interesant sa le insiri pe un raft, intr-un inventar imaginar...felicitari pentru inca o serie minunata!

Ola said...

very poetic!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Super series in B&W, I like the one with the eagle..


Joop Zand said...

Hello Wind

your photo work is as always very nice.... well done.

regards, Joop

Celia na Italia said...

Is difficult to say which photo is more incredible!
Records amazing!

ANRAFERA said...

Congratulations Wind for these precious photographies full of details and originality. Very good the accused in B/N. That you have a marvellous weekend. Cordial regards.


Wind, my master.

This series made me cry. They are all beautiful. It made my world stop.

These are hypnotizing images. I'll say it again, your photos talk to me. It made we focus only on my computer screen and stare at these enigmatic images.

Suddenly, my surroundings blur and the only clear images I see are your photos. It's an experience worth having.

If you only see me few minutes ago, I stood up and made some loud claps.

Exceptional talent. Phenomenal photos. I'll say it again (and I'll say it more),I'm your number one fan.


Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant series Daliana.

Leovi said...

Magnificent, extensive and varied series in a black and white high quality. All are very good and some more than good. My favorite is the one that carries the subtitle "My jewels. " Greetings and thank you very much for this post so precious.

Vasile Covaciu said...

full of emotions every single photo!

TrevorW�� said...

B&W is my favourite photographic medium. These are a very powerful series of images.
My favourites are the 'street' and 'afterlife'- both very different but both very strong photographs.

Have a very good weekend.


SKIZO said...

thank you for sharing

Luis Gomez said...

What a beautiful set of images! Lovely and telling.

Catalin said...

Mai este loc pentru vise...şi speranţe...

Clint said...

Starkly touching are these beautiful and appealing images. I, too, find more expression in black and white. Thanks for another masterpiece, Wind!

Yoshi said...

As always you have an eyes to see what looks great in a photo! It's a terrific series of B&W (rather light and shadow) photos!
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

cartim said...

Interesanta seria ta :P ai surprins ca de obicei lucruri pe cat de simple pe atat de efect .

Camelia said...

Superbe imagini!!!!!
Week-end placut!

Dani said...

wow. you have amazing photos. And I love the hearts, that sky heart is awesome.

Thank you for the visit. I also wish I / you could feel magic fragrance online.

Have a warm weekend!

Fram Actual said...

The first word that entered my mind upon seeing the first photograph was "breathtaking." And, it became better and better as I moved down the column seeing each shot and the captions beneath them.

Your photography is special, Wind. Of that there is no doubt. But, even better "to my eyes" is the depth of your imagination in composing the shots and your personal interpretations of their meanings. I have said before and say it again now: Your work is artistry.

The first photo reminds of when I was a boy, and eager to race out through the door in search of adventure each morning. Your clouds I especially enjoy. I spend so much time watching the clouds in the sky that it is only luck which has kept me from being struck by an automobile.

I think your year is off to a great start.

Arnoya Ari said...

A fabulous collection of moments in which life is formed.

Out on the prairie said...

i went through them a number of times,very intriguing. Each has that special touch you place in your art.

Tora ! Tora ! Tora ! said... mult peste măiestria cuvântului!

Costea Andrea Mihai said...

foarte faina selectie!!

Costea Andrea Mihai said...

foarte faina selectie!!

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful series of fabulous photos!

marty said...

This is an amazing serie !
I love this post very much !!

Carla said...

Love your series for sale.. thought provoking and great images. Carla

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi! wonderful series!! i really like.. they looks great in b%w :)

Anamaria do Val said...

very clever combination of title and picture, you are the best Daliana, I loved this serie of pictures. Warm hugs and congratulations!

Kaya said...

This is a very unusual series of photographs. I looked at them many times before I decided to write my comment.

Wind, you are not only an artist you are a poet and a writer also.

Your black and white photography is marvelous!!!!!! I love it very much. And you see things the way we usually miss in our lives.

Great!!!! And impressive!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

ce serie impresionanta!feicitarile mele,daliana!

Willy. said...

My number one "street for sale"
All the others 9.9/10!!
Wow grtngs,Willy

Cristian Ion said...

... te rog să-mi faci şi mie o ofertă pentru norii ăia nebuni, pentru insulă, un loc pe planet Vega să pot admira apusul ...

fotolucian said...

Cel putin 1 si 4 sunt de vis,frumoasa serie,bine lucrat,felicitari si weekend placut.

Klaudia J said...

wonderful series, atmo, toning ...

Bitch said...

ALL for sale, Wind!
The crisis again?

Love your black and white series!
Wish you a weekend for sale!

Windsmoke. said...

Fantastic series of classic B&W photos specially the photo titled Come To Me with the bird feeding in full flight.

the elder said...

Fotografiile inspira prin excelenta.

J_on_tour said...

Hi Wind, You know how I love your Life for sale memories series ...... some classic Wind trademarks here with your print all over it.... flight, hearts, macro, the street and the seat !!. As we are given the small and restricted view in image 1, so you tantalise us all with your life and yet there is so much hidden behind these pictures in both humour and reality... your thoughts on sale... Outstanding.
Hey, it looks too cold for smoke to be coming from your car... ha ha.
I can't quite find "my gallery" yet although I have come close... I like it a lot.
"My evenings" ha ha .. we can all associate with that !
I wonder if "My far away friend" is holding a camera.
Have a great weekend, regards, J

Unknown said...

Cand vad fotografiile acestea, ma intreb de ce naiba citesti coltul meu?

James said...

I'm amazed by the quality of your photos. Great stuff!

karina said...

Daliana citeste, pentru ca fiecare dintre prietenii sai, e special

Se-cret said...

Serie alb negru care îmi produce o mare emoție în suflet.Să-și fie weekend-ul binecuvântat.

Anonymous said...


Please have a wonderful weekend.

Bernardo said...

Una bonita serie de imagenes.


VertAnge said...

Imi plac toate, dar Winter patterns mi se pare cea mai poetica.

k.a. photography said...

Pur si simplu sunt minunate!!!!!

FreeSeoDesign said...

Mi se par interesante imaginile. Fiecare are o poveste, incerc sa inteleg fiecare poveste ;)

Betty Manousos said...

Beyond beautiful!!
You're so gifted.

I just added your link to my blog roll.

Have a great weekend!
B x

Betty Manousos said...

Beyond beautiful!!
You're so gifted.

I just added your link to my blog roll.

Have a great weekend!
B x

Aliceee Traveler said...

Superba seria! asa cum ne-ai obisnuit :)
Jacket si memories sunt preferatele mele!

Astept cu nerabdare urmatoarea serie!

dmd. said...

Ok...salutari zambitoare:)

Jose Ramon Santana Vazquez said...


desde mis


CON saludos de la luna al
reflejarse en el mar de la



Gallery said...

Superbe imagini, mai ales ca eu sunt un fan inrait al imaginior in alb si negru... Dar asta o stie toata lumea care a intrat la mine pe blog si mi-a vazut lucrarile... :). Mi-ai facut ziua mai frumoasa si poate un pic mai melancolica...

robert said...

Aproape Vega ...! Cerul ala nu e chiar de pe Vega... l-as fi recunoscut. Doar "m-ai dus acolo" de multe ori ;)

Te-ai apucat de astrofotografie sau e doar ceva trecator?

In astfel de momente, cred ca lumea merita o a doua sansa. Curios si profund sunt cele doua cuvinte cu care as caracteriza seria ta de astazi... as mai adauga si trist!



Ignacio Santana said...

Impresionante serie de fotografías, Wind!!! asombra tu gran capacidad de trabajo y su calidad...mi más sincera enhorabuena y un gran abrazo!!! ;)

Lasse said...

Excellent, magnificent !!
I´m speechless!!
Have a nice evening,

DuCo said...

Foarte frumoasa aceasta serie.Felicitari !
Le-am vazut si ieri,am revenit...
Duminica placuta !

Unknown said...

Wonderful photography.

Digital art must be as uniquely personal and unimitable as painting. This is my endeavor, and you're invited to follow my blog as well.


- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Anonymous said...

I buy them!! I buy them all no matter the cost. Because then later I can gift you them back to you. And also buy the bad memories, for burning them in a huge bonfire, and from the payment you could buy new things, smiles for you or heartshaped clouds in the sky. Of course I won´t pay with money, as your things are priceless, I will pay it with nice words and friendship, with solidarity, you know, with all those humble yet golden things that matter in life.
And let me start with gifting you, a wonderful sunday sunrise =)

Unknown said...

Have a nice weekend, too
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Preciosas fotos. Saludos
¡¡Feliz año 2011!!

LifeRamblings said...

splendid photos and it's hard to pick a favourite.

Tommy Andre Nekkoy said...

What a great collection B/W pictures - AWESOME and brilliant - Well done

Tania said...

Wonderful series of photo!!

Robin said...

Beautiful series, full of strong compositions and wonderful tones.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Olivier Jules said...

great serie!!!! wonderful captures

Lily Riani said...

my fav = Street for Sale

becky said...

always wonderful photography, wind.
happy new year!

AnDRAW said...


Victor said...

se poate?
mai au loc câteva cuvinte?
ce să mai zic? cât tu pui într-o postare, alţii abia adună într-un an...
vai, de aia n-am scris mai devreme, că ieri o pătrăţică mică mi-a spus că s-ar putea să-mi placă,... şi erau norii ăia ai tăi, din vară... şi-am tot rămas acolo... m-o apucat ciuda, că eu n-am aşa nori: ba motorul, ba aripa, ba geamul, lumina, locul în avion...
să ai o săptămână frumoasă
ai grijă de tine

ruma said...

The ZEN maison has the characteristic.

Thank you.

ADRIAN said...

A dark and beautiful post.
Stick with it life does get better.
If I have misinterpreted then I apologise.
What goes around comes around.

T. Becque said...

Very poignant and of course the photography always thrills.

joanna said...

This series of your poetic and expressive soul is magnificent, I hardly know how to express my self here and I am never without words, but your work your art, is unusually beautiful.

I would love to own a small art piece of yours, ,,,,

warm wishes always,

Luzia said...

An extraordinary serie! So many wonderful impressions for sale;-)) Are the walls your work? Hugs from Luzia.

Scented Leaf said...

Poetic, incitant, probabil reflectia luminilor si umbrelor din gandurile actorilor involuntari!? Sper ca ai inceput anul intr-un mod placut si tonurile de gri nu-ti vor opri visele din zborul lor.
Fie ca 2011 sa fie cel mai bun an din viata ta ...

kyungmee said...

What a fun, clever, and interesting series!!!!

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