Saturday, July 10, 2010

Richard Klekociuk - the Artist , the Rocks and his Magical Pencils

Richard live in Tasmania.
"Tasmania is truly a wonderful place in which to live. The scenery is simply stunning and its population of 495,000 is well scattered throughout the island except for the southwest which is a wilderness area, most of which is listed in the national heritage register." he said....
"When I was in year nine at high school I was taught Art by Geoff Page who was such an inspiration to me that all I wanted to do was to become an Art teacher like him, and I did! I graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art in 1971 and taught in numerous schools before my retirement and loved the job!"
more about Richard and his artwork here:
ART Review
The Truth About Coloured Pencils


Silence at the Table
Richard: "This is my favourite drawing from my exhibition.
For me personally, I think it’s right up there with the best work that I’ve ever done.
Although it was very time-consuming, it was a delight to build up the various layers, especially on the door which is full of graffiti."


Richard: "There is still a hard-edged element in a lot of my work. I love using shadows and strong light. I am intrigued by the patterns that appear on rocks, reflections in water, tumbling, spraying waves and “transparent” surfaces such as rock pools and backwaters."

Quiet corner SISTERS BEACH
Richard: "I have been fascinated by the colour, size, shape, variety and texture of rocks. Let’s face it, rocks are everywhere...."

Backwater ROCKY CAPE
Richard: "There is something very special when you put a pencil in your hand and push it over a responsive surface such as heavyweight watercolour paper or pastel board. The response is instant: a line, a mass of colour – a shape. Colours can be laid down side-by-side or overlaid."
Richard: "My aim is to keep improving my technique as long as I can hold a pencil. One is never too old to learn new tricks! I want to sell my work overseas and take full advantage of my website and blog. I have yet to travel overseas and hope to get the opportunity one day. I enjoy teaching adults and participating in demonstrating pencil drawing at Art exhibitions when invited.

It can be quite lonely living down here near the bottom of planet Earth.

I invite you to visit my web site at .

You can find Richard also here:


Mel said...

"Silence at the Table" is a beautiful, beautiful piece!

Richard Klekociuk said...

Thank you Missy Ricco for your very kind words.
Regards, Richard

robert said...

Sincer, eu prefer "graphis-artwork"-ul tau... il inteleg mult mai bine.
Klekociuk ma pune sa gandesc si nu asta caut eu la fotografie - arta, in general

nothingprofound said...

"Silence At The Table"-I love the detail. Reminds me of Vermeer. The work of a master.

Daliana Pacuraru said...

@nothingprofound yes, you are right.First of all I like the details in Richard's composition...and the colours.
You heve to see all his work! Amazing!

@robert imi plac mult desenele lui Richard...atentia lui catre detaliu...culorile...

@Missy Rocco... thanks

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