Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Mask Theatre - Living Statues International Festival

Teatrul Masca

Among those arts that can be performed out in the street, that of the living statue holds a special place. Mysterious, surprising, often funny, sometimes profound,one can not go by a living statue without noticing it. And that is because it’s power to catch the eye like a magnet, to incite one to react and to meditate on the subject of human condition. One can not easily forget the image of a well composed living statue, that is for sure.  Any turist who was in Barcelona would have undoubtedly seen the human statues of La Rambla, for example. Strange is the power of the living statues if it can easily hold its place among against the works of Gaudi.

The project came to life in 2005. The idea behind it was, at the time and still is that we are not alone. We were very much aware that this form of theatre that we propose to the cultural world of Romania – a non-verbal theatre, focusing on gesture and body expression – is part of an European network of institutions or people with the same artistic creed. As a valid example of this affiliation, Mask Theatre is part of Lecoq Network, which includes all European theaters established by students of the former great teacher. From this sense of belonging to an European community emerged naturally the initiative of a festival that we named EUROPEAN MASKS VISIT… THE MASK.
The purpose of this festival was to familiarize the Romanian audience with a unique theatrical style, very little practiced in Romania, one of the theater of movement, gesture, mime, clowning and body expression

He's a man of the past and one of the present,
a man who hides behind a mask behind a mask;
a clown, a fool, believing it cool to be down
or that the game is all about who laughs the last.

So he tells all his problems to his friends and relations,
exposes his neuroses to their view.
They accept as fact every masochistic mumble of his act –
But how could they know what was false and what was true?

Sometimes when he wakes
he feels he's walked into a dream
but all it takes
to remind him things are what they seem
is the belief that the man behind the mask can really dance

Pirouetting smile
he feels himself cavorting,
Pierrot for a while
before aborting
to find relief in the shelter of the dark, most telling mask.

After all the pantomimes are ended
he peels all the make-up off his face
to reveal, beneath, the tears running all down his cheeks:
alone, he opens to the world… but it's much too late.
He's been left, in the end, without a face.


Noke said...

Schöne Portraits von den lebenden Statuen.


Spunsieu said...

Teribil de expresive fotografiile tale! Oamenii acestia sunt talentati chiar si atunci cand "joaca" in statui!

Kelly J. Call said...

Wow, very powerful post! often the word I must use for your photography. Your choice of instrumental music to complete the drama is perfect!
Best Regards :-)

Jony Mehar said...

Think back to the first time you ever heard of artwork. I find myself constantly drawn back to the subject of artwork. Given that its influence pervades our society, its influence on western cinema has not been given proper recognition.

cartim said...

Foarte expresive portretele tale, Daliana :)
Credca are sa fie frumos evenimentul !