Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Ballad Of Bill Hubbard - REMEMBER

"The Ballad Of Bill Hubbard"

[Alf Razzell:]
"Two things that have haunted me most are the days when I had to collect the paybooks; and when I left Bill Hubbard in no-man's-land."
"I was picked up and taken into their trench. And I'd no sooner taken two or three steps down the trench when I heard a call,
'Hello Razz, I'm glad to see you. This is my second night here,' and he said
'I'm feeling bad,' and it was Bill Hubbard, one of the men we'd trained in England, one of the original battalion. I had a look at his wound, rolled him over; I could see it was probably a fatal wound. You could imagine what pain he was in, he was dripping with sweat; and after I'd gone about three shellholes, traversed that, had it been...had there been a path or a road I could have done better.
He pummeled me, 'Put me down, put me down, I'd rather die, I'd rather die, put me down.' I was hoping he would faint. He said 'I can't go any further, let me die.' I said 'If I leave you here Bill you won't be found, let's have another go.' He said 'All right then.' And the same thing happened; he couldn't stand it any more, and I had to leave him there, in no-man's-land."

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[Girl:] "I don't mind about the war, that's one of the things I _like_ to watch, if it's a war going on, 'cause then I know if our side's winning, if our side's losing..."

Writer(s): Roger Waters
Copyright: Roger Waters Music Overseas Ltd., Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.


Costea said...

Trecutul se uită cam repede... :(

Joop Zand said...

Thats a great post...... very good photographed Daliana

Wish you a nice 2014.

Greetings, Joop

Fram Actual said...

Looking at your photographs, Daliana, it is déjà vu .... probably more so for those in the photos than for those viewing them. I do not follow political and economic events in Romania closely (or anywhere beyond U.S. borders), so I am only assuming the demonstrations going on now are a reflection of the protests which were going on in January/February a year ago. Frankly, I think the entire world is resting atop a bubble which could collapse at any time and send the world into chaos.

Your photos are marvelous. You should add news photography to your list of accomplishments.

Regarding Roger Waters and his "The Ballad of Bill Hubbard" and Siegfried Sassoon's anti-war poetry, it is fine to be a voice against the absurdity and ridiculousness of war, but I am afraid I am among those who think war -- like crime, like poverty -- will always be with us. Still, an end to war is a good thought to begin a new year, and I congratulate you for your optimism.

turbo said...

cat de tare este pancarda aceea de scrie "Sunt ROMAN si nu sunt de vanzare". ar trebui sa ni-l imprimam pe tricou si sa-l purtam mandri!