Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Sea , Rain and Uriah Heep

It's raining outside but that's not unusual
But the way that I'm feeling is becoming usual
I guess you could say
The clouds are moving away
Away from your days
And into mine

Now it's raining inside and that's kind of a shame
And it's getting to me, a happy man
And why should you want to
Waste all my time
The world is yours
But I am mine

Rain, rain, rain, in my tears
Measuring carefully my years
Shame, shame, shame, in my mind
See what you've done to my life

Rain, rain, rain, in my tears
Measuring carefully my years
Shame, shame, shame, in my mind
See what you've done to my life

lyricsfreak / Uriah Heep Rain Lyrics 


Eko said...

Kauniin mahtava ja jylhä
Katselin ja ihailin luonnon voimia.
Terveisin Eko

Tina´s PicStory said...

what a wonderful post! fantastic pics! :)

Rick Forrestal said...

Fantastic images.
I love the tree photo, through the rain covered window.
And all those scallop shells -- wow.
I'm thankful for your friendship, and sharing blog posts.

ADRIAN said...

My sort of place...I wish I had the ability to bring it alive as you have.
Your best post yet....thank you for sharing these.

Traveling Hawk said...

Marea e mai expresiva pe vremea rea, deci mai potrivita pentru fotografii! Vara ne incanta culorile ei dar acum starile sufletesti pe care le influenteaza sunt mai diverse. Imi place tare mult plaja aia pe care si-a revarsat scoicile.

Bob Bushell said...

A beautiful place to live in, fantastic images you have made.

Christiane said...

I have never seen such fantastic photos. I've often wondered if you can shoot bad weather. I see it is possible. A pleasure to see and hear the music to it. My favorite ist the first one.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

oh what gorgeous pictures and lyrics to accompany them!
i can't even say which is or are, my favorites. they are ALL amazing.
the thatch roofs look like turned over mushrooms!

Carmen RM said...

un adevarat poem nostalgic la tarmul marii. tristeti de scoici ce nu vor fi adunate de manute de copii, valuri ce nu vor invalui cu spuma lor coapse de fecioare, barci ce nu vor fi vaslite de matrozi bronzati si muschiulosi, umbrelute ce nu adapostesc bunicute blande, citind romane de dragoste... doar plaja pustie, pe nisipul careia doar picioare de pescarusi mai lasa urme si ceata, care se ridica dimineata si se coboara seara din marea cea mare... Un moment de respiro, intr-un loc fermecator si melancolic, colorat in nuante de gri si gri inchis :) SUPERBA seria fotografiilor tale, Daliana draga! Nu-mi vine sa mai plec de aici de pe pagina ta!

Windsmoke. said...

Bonza photos. I can't pick a favourite one this time round.

Ignacio Santana said...

Hooola, Daliana!!!...siempre disfruto viendo tus estupendos reportajes, este es muy bueno, me encantan esas fotografías con las conchas de las almejas!!!

Un gran abrazo, amiga!!! ;)

Anamaria do Val said...


Gabriela Pana said...

Ma uit la fotografiile tale iar si iar si nu ma mai satur...superbe...

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Wind,

Well photographed images. There are so many that I love! The zoomed image of the 3 birds flying is great!
Duncan In Kuantan

Stan said...

Bravo, bravo, bravo!! powerful, stark and crisp images -- wonderfully composed strong catches and, yet, a certain dreamlike quality to many of them. The power of the sea is brilliantly caught. Kudos!!

Fram Actual said...

Even if your photographs were simply ordinary, Daliana, your post would bring a smile to my face.

Many of your photos remind me of my time spent living alongside Lake Superior -- walking sandy beaches and rocky shorelines, watching storm clouds gathering and waves crashing, canoeing in the surf and traveling over vast expanses of open water. And, would you believe, listening to the music of Uriah Heep on the beaches, on The Lake and, once, live, in a closed arena a stone's throw from The Lake.

Memories are just that, visions of the past. And, your photos are not simply ordinary, but spectacular. They bring such life and clarity and beauty to your Black Sea that my thoughts turn to there as a place of equal wonder to my Lake and to there in the present for gathering new experiences.

Your work is marvelous.

arcadia said...

Tu știi că mă dai gata cu pozele tale și că nu pot de fiecare dată să te laud cu aceleași superlative! Am glăsuit azi doar ca să știi că sunt în zonă, încântată :) :*

Roger Gauthier said...

Gorgeous pictures, Daliana. Really good, a pleasure for the eyes. This is the sea at its best. I can see the work you did here, and I am impressed.

Tury said...

O cascadă de fotografii splendide!

Liviu Bimbea said...

Furia apelor în bătaia vântului.
Să ai o noapte liniştită.

fosile said...

Foarte frumoase fotografiile,iar Uriah Heep,una din formatiile mele preferate.

Sa-ti fie bine!

nouatigaraelectronica said...

Foarte frumoase si interesante pozele. Felicitari fotografului.