Saturday, September 24, 2011

Argos, Love and The Theory of Waiting

My best friend said once:

'This is how I would envision Argos, the dog
of Odysseus. Waiting for his master by the
side of the wine dark sea.
Argos was a young dog when Odysseus left to
fight at Troy. When Odysseus returned twenty
years later, Argos could no longer walk. He
saw Odysseus, smiled (in my mind), wagged
his tail and died. Such is life.'
(In Greek mythology, Argos was Odysseus' faithful dog.
He waited for his master's return to Ithaca for over a decade while most presumed Odysseus dead.
He was the first to recognize the King returning from the Trojan War, even though Odysseus was disguised as a beggar to discover what was going on in his palace during his absence.
It was said that as soon as Argos recognized his master, he dropped his ears and did his best to wag his tail. Having fulfilled his destiny of faith by laying his eyes upon his master once more, he released a final wimper and died. )

Waiting at the station.
Waiting for the right moves.
Waiting in the basement.
Waiting for the right cues.
Waiting in a daydream.
Waiting in this slipstream.
Waiting in the right bars.
Waiting in the right shoes.
Waiting in a fast car.
Waiting in the airports,
waiting for my air-miles.
Waiting in slow motion,
coming through the turnstiles...
Waiting with the orphans.
Waiting for the bee stings,
they tell me that success brings.
Waiting in the half-light.
Waiting through your whole life.
Waiting for an ideal, a low deal, a no deal.
Play your stereotype, oh yeah...
And if you ever find the time,
you know I'm not far behind.
And if you ever need someone,
I'll still be waiting...
Just waiting, for a friend.
I said it's alright!
It's alright, my friend...

Just waiting...

Devlins - Waiting Lyrics


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Wow what a beautiful dog! And very well photographed!

Good job Wind,

Duncan In Kuantan

Windsmoke. said...

Bonza photos. The dog has the same colour fur as our Aussie Dingo :-).

dmd. said...

Salutări zâmbitoare :)

Ruth Bernssen Bø said...

Fantastic serie of a beautiful dog.

ADRIAN said...

Really beautiful photographs but such a sad story.
There are so many similar stories of the devotion of dogs. They always bring a tear to my Eye.

Malgorzata Ingstad said...

Yes, they wait always..
Wonderful work. Atmosphere of peacful and quiet waiting.

Tina´s PicStory said...

A sad story :`( and very nice photos. I love your dog! Hope to see him again at Highlight Sunday :)

Flyerboy said...

Sunt geniale fotografiile. Superb caine!!

Bibliotecaru said...

,,Acolo sta bãtrânul câine Argos,
Mâncat de jeg, de viermi si de gângãnii.
Dar cum simti c-alãturea-i Ulise,
Clãti din coadã si-si blegi deodatã
Urechile - dar nu putu sã vie
Aproape de stãpânul sãu! Ulise

Deoparte stând, o lacrimã îsi sterse...
Atunci lui Argos i-a fost dat sã moarã,
Îndatã ce stãpânul îsi vãzuse
Întors la douãzeci de ani, acasã...''
(Homer - Odiseea, XVII, 398, 434)

Bob Bushell said...

The canine photographer. So special.

Anonymous said...

Magníficas fotografías de este precioso perro. Mis felicitaciones.

Matteo Taffuri said...

have a nice weekend

Fram Actual said...

My mind goes back and forth between the first photograph and the fourth, but between them is the third, which is a character study of the first order. No matter which is best or which is liked most, Daliana, the photography is outstanding and your model knows his role.

The more I think about photography, the more I feel character studies are my favorites -- both human people and animal people. I have an ancient four-by-five Speedgraphic that I bought at an auction a few years ago. Your series makes me feel like unburying it from my storeroom and retreating in time to see what I can do with it. It was a magical camera once upon a time. You can use it, if you wish.

In any case, Daliana, I think your work inspires other photographers. For me, it provides a reason to smile and to continue thinking about those things in life that actually are important.

By the way, like Odysseus, in a sense Argos will never die as long as books exist.

Alberto Muriel Pina said...

Excelente serie fotografica!!

Un saludo.

geanina said...

e superb catelul tau(sper)si e foarte fotogenic!:) great work!

Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful work! Very moving post!

Bitch said...

Again a strong and very beautiful series
and the story behind it!!!
“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make
our lives whole”!!

Greetings from Greece!!!!!!

pandhora said...

aerul mirosea umed-sarat...pare tare ganditor :)
frumos exemplar...frumos l-ai surprins :)

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Beautiful series of the dog !

Clint said...

Just beautiful.

Al said...

Great shots, that looks like a very faithful dog. But a much larger dog than mine!

Unknown said...

A nice looking dog and very interesting story.

Lasse said...

A great series ! Wonderful work.

joo said...

They always wait, and this one is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Wonderful photos.Greetings Andrzej.

JOTA ENE ✔ said...

Beautiful shot's

I love dogs

Anonymous said...

what a moving entry ! and yes, there's much human life can learn from the behaviour of an animal.

please have a good sunday.

Catalin said...

Vulpe de plajă? :p

Tina´s PicStory said...

Thanks for joining the first edition of *Highlight Sunday* with this wonderful post! :)

J_on_tour said...

You know only too well what I think about this post and the superb and outstanding character study of the dog. The last image is so simple that it awesome and mind blowing. I see you even managed to sneek a picture of a seat in ;-)

Aliceee Traveler said...

Ce frumossss e!
Bun si fotograful :)

BrandNewStudio said...


Betty Manousos said...

what exquisite shots, wind!!

love all of them. and can't stop looking at them.

nicely done:)

the dog is so handsome!

betty xx

ANRAFERA said...

Preciosas y tiernas fotografías.
El perro es una delicia.
Un abrazo.

Carol said...

Love the first photo. We can learn a lot from the patience of a dog.

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

What would we do without our best friends? Yours is beautiful and you can tell he enjoys being with you.

I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
Have a wonderful day!!

Unknown said...

Stapanul tarmurilor si fotograful lui magic ne ofera iar clipe de incantare, uitand de mare!

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