Friday, October 29, 2010

Hundertwasser Manifesto - Austria Trip (I)

Why may a human being not do what he needs to do, like a flower.
The colourful, the abundant, the manifold, is always better than mediocre grey and uniformity.
Only those who think and live creatively will survive in this life and beyond.
De ce nu poate un om să se comporte ca o floare!
Culorile, abundenta, varietatea  sunt mai bune decât griurile mediocre şi uniformitatea.
Numai cei care cred şi trăiesc creativ vor supravieţui în această viaţă şi dincolo de ea.

Paintings for me are gateways, which enable me, if I have
been successful, to open them into a world which is both
near and far for us, to which we have no admission, in
which we find ourselves, but which we cannot perceive,
which is against the real world
Our parallel world, from which we remove ourselves in one respect
Yes, and that is the paradise, that is what we are in, what we are arrested in, and which some inexplicable power denies us.
Picturile pentru mine sunt porti care ma lasa sa descopar o lume atât de
aproape dar intangibila , in care nu putem intra, dar in care suntem ... pe care nu o putem percepe,
si care este împotriva lumii reale.
Lumea noastră paralela, din care ne autoexcludem într-un fel.
Da, ăsta este paradisul, suntem in el, suntem arestaţi în el, paradisul in care o putere inexplicabilă ne neagă.

I believe, and I am absolutely certain, and therefore I believe, that painting is a religious occupation, that the actual impulse comes from without, from something else that we do not know, an indefinable power which comes or does not come and which guides your hand
People used to say in earlier times that it was the muse, for example, it's a stupid thing to say of course, but it is some kind of illumination.
And the only thing one can do is to prepare the ground, so that this extraterrestrial impulse or however else one might describe it can reach you.

Cred şi sunt absolut sigur şi prin urmare, cred că pictura este o ocupaţie religioasa, că impulsul real vine din afară de la altceva ce nu stim, o putere nedefinita care vine sau nu vine şi care ghidează mâna...
Oamenii obişnuiau să spună demult că a fost muza ! Pare un lucru stupid , dar este un fel de iluminare!
Şi singurul lucru pe care- l putem face este să pregătim terenul, astfel încât acest impuls extraterestru sau cum vrem sa-l numim , ne poate atinge.

That means eliminating the will, eliminating the intelligence, eliminating "wanting to do better", eliminating ambition...
I should perhaps like to be known as the magician of vegetation or something similar. We are in need of magic
I fill a picture until it is full with magic, as one fills up a glass with water
Everything is so infinitely simple, so infinitely beautiful.
Venice, 1975

Asta înseamnă că trebuie sa fii pregătit....
Asta înseamnă să elimini vointa , inteligenta, să elimini  "vreau  mai bine, mai mult", să elimini ambiţia!
Aş vrea, probabil, să fiu cunoscut ca vrăjitorul copacilor sau ceva similar. Avem nevoie de magie!
Aş umple o imagine numai cu magie, ca şi cum ai umple un pahar cu apă!
Totul este atât de  infinit de simplu , aşa infinit de frumos.
Veneţia, 1975

Hundertwasser is one of the most important artists & architects to emerge from the latter half of the 20th-century and is certainly by far the most important Austrian one.
Hundertwasser Biography

(translate from english  and photo:Wind- ha ha , I don't know if you will read everything here even it is very important )

I think HUNDERTWASSER would like this :



Clint said...

Thank you, Wind. I love your sense of creativity and expression. I love your appreciation of the wonders of the earth.

Joop Zand said...

Hello Wind

10 years ago i was there in Viena, it's a nice location and great building with lovely colors.

Greetings, Joop

joo said...

Wow,wow, wow - have to consider trip to Vien:)
Happy weekend to you:)

DuCo said...

Multumesc Wind ! Aceste cladiri construite de Hundertwasser se remarca prin executia excelenta a detaliilor , la fel si imaginile tale...
Un sfarsit de saptamana colorat !

FreeSeoDesign said...

Hundertwasser e dificil sa scrii, sa nu mai vorbim de pronuntat :) Toti oamenii talentati au ceva ciudat, asta are chiar si numele ciudat :)
Frumoase poze ... ;)

Alice said...

such great colours in these photos! congrats :)

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

What wonderful bright, colourful and cheery buildings. Awesome shots :)

We definitely need some more colour here in the Northwest (USA) for some reason everyone wants to paint there homes Northwest colours which is basically dull, flat and boring. Of course I had to paint my house bright yellow with a red roof. Dare to be different I guess. (He! He!)

Have a lovely weekend, T :)

Anonymous said...

What a joy for the sense of sight !

Felt good to know that we did see the same places, as I've been there a year ago. Please have a wonderful start into the weekend.

daily athens

ADRIAN said...

Hunderwasser, was new to me until a few weeks ago. This is a grand post and captures his work wonderfully.


In oricare proces legat de creatie
< impulsul real vine din afară > .

Zbor inalt !

ANRAFERA said...

Hello Wind precious photographies full of color, light and details those that you show us of a beautiful place. Cordial regards and that you have a marvellous weekend.

P.D.: Excellent song the one that you have selected of Pink Floyd.

Traveling Hawk said...

De data asta chiar nu pot renunta la calificative: excelente, minunate pozele! Cunosc cladirea aproape de la terminarea constructiei, am facut si eu poze acolo dar...unde te-ai urcat ca sa faci pozele alea de sus?! Ai vazut ca mai este aproape, in zona si o alta cladire a lui? Si mai este termocentrala orasului, pe langa Universitatea de studii economice, la capatul liniei 4 (parca) de metrou. Astept ce mai urmeaza de la Viena fiindca subiecte sunt destul acolo :)


waouh !thank you for your visit in my blog
and my visite in your blog I decouver your talent and I agree your color and writting
welle I am so happy in this morning
bye see you soon

k.a. photography said...

Foarte frumos, cum pot sa aiba si cladirile, casele viata in ei, cu niste culori vii..., superb!

Ignacio Santana said...

La "magia" eso que todos tratamos de encontrar y aportar en cada obra que realizamos...casi nunca lo conseguimos...pero cuando nos acercamos...el sentimiento es mágico!!!

Un lugar impresionante perfectamente mostrado a través de tus estupendas fotografías...muchas gracias por compartirlo Wind!!!

Buen fin de semana y un gran abrazo, amigo mio!!! ;)

Amelia & Mihai-Stefan CHIRCA said...

"Paradisul in care suntem arestati" - frumos spus! Iar fotografiile sunt minunate. Toate (chiar daca noua cel mai mult si mai mult ne place cea cu pisici)!

Anonymous said...


Land of shimp said...

I did read everything, by the way :-)

Oh they're lovely. I saw your avatar over on Cloudia's blog, and thought it intriguing, so I came here to see what it is that you do, to my great good-fortune!

Wind, they're beautiful photographs. Can you even imagine the sort of lovely dreams, in which anything would be possible, you might have behind the doors of those homes? When your exterior world is that vibrant, that vivid, oh your dreamscape would be amazing.

Also, well done, you perfectly married the text to the image.

Unknown said...

WOW what a lovely colourful post great images.

Cloudia said...

Au un weekend minunat.

Bunica mea a fost adus in America ca o fată mică din Romania
And my grandfather was brought by his parents from Vienna!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral


karina said...

Happy, happy, Halloween!!!!!!!!!

J_on_tour said...

Another great set of pictures again Wind, with delightful colours. Hundertwasser must have been a colourful character.
I am reminded a little of my trip to Barcelona two years ago when I was struck with something similar from Gaudi.


What a colorful world. The height of creativity. Wonderful photos again.

I'm daydreaming of walking in these streets. Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

But how could one not to get moved and inspired with such words of wisdom. Thanks for translating and sharing it and for adding all those colorful and vivid images you magistrally have created. People like Hundertwasser are the one who make the difference and the one who achieves immortality.
Honestly, would love to have his determination, at least half of it.

Thanks for this Wind, and have a wonderful sunday =)

Tommy Andre Nekkoy said...

Very cloreful and beautiful photos - Well done

Aliceee Traveler said...

Wow. Pentru aceasta casa si inca cateva obiective pe care le-am ratat ma voi intoarce la Viena. Imi cer scuze ca nu ti-am trimis ghidul, dar eu nu verific bulk-ul veci, si printre cele 300 de mail-uri, era si a tau. Sorry!!!! :(((
Pozele si descrierea sunt minunate!

Unknown said...

Great photos of te colorful city.Greetings Andrzej.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Very unique both architecture and paintings and you present it well.

Anonymous said...

these houses and these colors are amazing !
this is really beautiful, the world will be less sad if it was like this !
Beautiful post and text very interesting :)


Unknown said...

beautiful images with these shapes and colors. has a hundred water for photographers always nice shots ...
Greetings from Switzerland

marty said...

gorgeous images of the colourfull city - I love the great paintings of Hunderwasser !

Luzia said...

I think you have had a wonderful time full of art expierience?! If I see buildings from Hundertwasser, I think that he felt free like a child in his art. Picasso said, that he needed his whole live as a painter, to draw like a child. Hugs from Luzia.

Unknown said...

foarte colorata lumea altora.parca zici ca-s de pe alta planeta. sau noi suntem extraterestri cu gri-urile noastra murdare si sumbre din am ajuns prin acele locuri, dar macar m-am bucurat prin intermediul pozelor tale de incantarea unora de a trai.

T. Becque said...

Amazing artwork and architecture! Loved seeing this.

Teri said...

I've seen images of Hundertwasser's buildings when I was attending art school but I have never seen so many different ones like here at your blog. This is what I love about the blog world: there is always so much to see and learn about. Thank you so much for posting. I hope that I can see them in person some day.

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