Saturday, October 16, 2010

Death of Raymond Visan - Buddha Bar - RIP


In memory of Raymond Visan - Buddha Bar

Almost unknown in Romania, but very popular in the world, especially in France, Raymond Visan died days ago in New York of a heart attack at age 60. Romanian-born millionaire, who was one of the fashionable world of Paris, is the man who invented the concept of Buddha Bar, compilations of music, plus other ideas, being known and appreciated in the whole world.

Buddha Bar announced its intention to enter the Romanian market by offering the right of franchise of Buddha Bar Spa. Plans were laid for the opening for Romania this year.

Moartea lui Raymond Visan

Here you can read the story  - Raymond Visan who invented Buddha Bar and his plans aimed at developing its business in a country home:
Raymond Visan

Al-pha X - Best of Buddha Bar extras vol.8


Roxana Cucu said...

Pacat! Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca in pace!

joanny said...

Raymond Visan left a beautiful legacy and achieved much through artistic expression in his very brief journey here on earth, may his path be blessed and his soul at peace, for he is now boundless, and time can no longer make demands on him.

thank you posting this


Wind said...

I didn't know Raymond Visan in person.
You can find more here :


Anonymous said...

Sorry to rain on the parade, but Visan was widely known as a cheater who exploited business partners, ruined his family's duty free business when he was found guilty of criminal bankruptcy and banned for life from being CEO of a French company (which is why his figurehead wife was "president" of the company). He left behind a trail of unpaid debts and maybe was loved by you who knew his entertainment side, but he was basically a crook.

Anonymous said...

i knew romain for years and work with him every day by his side for a while, he was the honnest personn in business and like a peson i met. A beautifull person.
I a m very sad he desapears as some persons who did not kew him can talk this way.


Mark Irvine, Northern Ireland said...

I am so devastated to hear about Raymond's death, I have been following the Buddha Bar music since the first album. Long live the legacy he has left behind.

Dean Morris said...

True he also used a visionary restaurateur top open Karma Kafe in Dubai that won awards here: her name Silva Kendimian a Lebanese Armenian then fired her after he achieved his goal.

grazyna kunc said...

TY, rain feels good falling on the Buddha Bar ambience...

SudaKantha said...

Do you know it is very offensive to Buddhists to use the Buddha name in a venue serving alcohol?? And it's very disrespectful and shameful in doing that you are disregard the culture and tradition of the Oriental people where Buddha has been treated with high regard.

James Rogers Bush said...

Praise and blame, all the same.