Thursday, April 15, 2010

Horse Racing - Hippodrome de Paris-Vincennes

Created in 1863 and intended for the obstacle races, the hippodrome of Vincennes is largely destroyed during the war of 1870.
Entirely rebuilt in 1879, it then accomodates its first trotting races, this second vocation will be the maid.
Undertaken in 1976, the complete restoration and the rehandling of the hippodrome do of it one of the most modern places and most functional for the professionals as for the public, impassioned by the races which proceed there: more than 750.000 entries to the hippodrome are entered each year!
In addition to the two tracks and external and interior platforms, a giant screen of 118 m2, single in Europe, and an interior video network were arranged.
The hippodrome of Vincennes is open all the year and 153 meetings of trot take place each year.
Trot is reserved for the horses which were born and were high in France (except for Great Price of America)
"The Sport of Kings"

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robert said...

E greu sa critic asa ceva (sunt carcotas, nu ai uitat ..?!).
Te-ai intrecut pe tine insati. Felicitari!

cartim said...

Nu pot spune decat un "Wooooooooooooooowww!!"
Sunt superbe imaginile luate de tine.

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