Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sea & The Dream

9 am/ Sunday/ February 28

So you dream.
Untouched by the grounding consciousness.
A vast road stretches forth, merging into infinity.
You take a few tentative steps, and take off—towards the sky, scaling a new horizon.
"I have been dreaming of flying for so many years now,"
"It's amazing, this freedom."
Would a fish dream of running?
Would an eagle dream of swimming?
"Why should human beings dream of flying?"
"It could be a latent potential. There is so much that we don't understand."
But it all unfolds. A vision here, a glimpse there.
The ocean of love waiting to flow over.
The pain, the anger.
The joy, the ecstasy. The subtle footsteps of dreams sound in the corridors of mind like a half-forgotten echo—a sadness akin to joy in its intensity.

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