Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Art of Dreaming - The Sea

8.30 am/ Sunday/ February 28

All life began in the dream sea. And we've been trying to get back there ever since...

Have you heard the sound of silence?
Or grasped a gossamer vision even as it dispersed in the air?
Dreams are like that.
They come to you like torrents of light in the untouched void of your mind and take you unawares.
You float on the wings of bliss—carefree, buoyant.
It draws you, pulls you with a force that is at once awesome and tender, to the core of your reality.
You know it's near, so near that you can reach out and touch it.
But the spell breaks.
You wake and, like a stranger to yourself, wait for the day when you will return and claim your soul.


cartim said...

Superbe aceste gotografii, chiar ca sunt de vis :P

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze said...

very beautiful pics. :)