Sunday, November 22, 2015

Berca Mud Volcanoes Reservation - Vulcanii Noroiosi (1)

In Romania, nearby Buzau, at Berca commune, the Muddy Volcanoes / Vulcanii Noroiosi are waiting to be seen. Located on the hills in the geological and botanical reservation Berca Mud Volcanoes, the mud volcanoes were created by the salty mud and natural gases eruptions at 3km deep towards the surface.
When traveling through Berca Mud Volcanoes Natural Reservation, unusual and strange feelings are a regular occurrence (I tried to capture how strange looks in my pictures). In  these mysterious and pretty amazing places where everything feels alien, the plants are missing and the whisper of wind and blurbs of the volcanoes are the only sounds you can hear.  
The best description was realized in 1875 by Alexandru Ioan Odobescu (1834 - 1895), Romanian author, archaeologist and politician. He has written about this area in his work Pseudo-Kynegeticos / Fals tratat de vanatoare:

" There the Devil has mounted his boilers with boiling tar; below ground the muddy clods are gurgling and boiling, colder than ice, darker than fog; then, through opened mouths all over the non-drained valley, the mud is bubbling upwards, bursting out either at a palm or a fathom height; around each hole's mouth has lasted mud mound, and the drooling tar spited by Devil out of caverns, are flowing along the greasy mounds, gathers in the mud, dries in the wind, breaks in the sun-rays and spread out throughout the valley a gray and wet clay in which does not grow any knot-weed or thirstle. '

Acolo si-a aşezat Necuratul cazanele cu catran si cu smoala clocotita; pe sub pamant galgaie si fierbe glodul noroios, mai rece decat gheata, mai negru decat ceata; apoi, pe guri cascate prin tot ocolul acelei vai fara de scursoare, tasneste tina in sus, cand de o schioapa, cand de o palma, cand de un stanjen si mai mult; la fiecare gura imprejur s-a durat musuroi, si balele catranite, pe care Uciga-l-toaca le scuipa din vagauni, se scurg naclaite d-a lungul movilitelor, se aduna in namol, se usuca de vant, se crapa de soare si astern tot fundul vaii cu o huma sura si jilava, pe care nu se prinde, Doamne fereste! nici troscot, nici ciulini."


CARMEN said...

o zona cu totul si cu totul magica! Mi-am petrecut multe vacante la Berca, în apropierea localitatii Pâclele.
Tabara de sculptura Magura este la 25 km, sper ca ai vizitat-o... este deasemenea un tarâm magic, mai ales toamna!
Frumoase fotografiile tale!
Un start bun în noua saptamâna! Noapte buna!

Rick Forrestal said...

Boiling beauty.
I love these shots.
Thanks for sharing.

Fram Actual said...

Remarkable .... it is like this segment of the Earth was composed from materials formed in another galaxy before it was united with the materials which came from our galaxy. I have slept outdoors in all manner of terrain, but I would be hesitant to spend a night here. It simply is too threatening and foreboding in appearance.

Your photographs are splendid, Daliana -- framed perfectly with good clarity, and the colors true and natural.

copilarim said...

I-am vizitat demult. Mi s-a parut fascinanti!
Fotografiile sunt absolut superbe!!
In a saptea fotografie parca ar fi ... o poza ;)).

David Gascoigne said...

Looks like a truly amazing landscape. I would love to visit.