Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Photographs I Never Took

All of these pictures were taken with my Canon between 1st - 5th Sept 2015 in 

I didn't take a photograph of the statue of Robert Burns.
His sightless eyes were looking out over Dunedin,
the most Scottish town in the southern hemisphere,
and there was a seagull, not a pigeon, standing on his head.
I would have called it 'Robbie Burns and Friend.'

And I didn't take a picture of the bus shelter
painted all over with jungle foliage and a tiger
peeping out over the simulated signature of Henri Rousseau.
The title would have been 'This Bus Shelter is a Forgery.'

Neither did I photograph another painted wall,
one round a cemetery full of ornate and sombre tombs,
with a large and skilfully executed advertisement -
Renta Sanitarios Mobiles (Hire Mobile Toilets) .
It would have been called 'Is there no Respect for the Dead? '

I didn't take the photo of a Fijian policeman.
A pity, for he had such a practical uniform,
very smart and cool,
in a tasteful shade of policeman-blue,
based on the traditional sulu
with a striking zigzag hem.
The title would have been 'A Policeman in a Skirt? ! '

I couldn't take a photograph of sunset over Popocatépetl
- although the sun was setting in a red and golden haze,
and the most romantically named mountain is just
what you imagine a perfect volcano should be,
even to the wisp of steam at the peak
– because the sun was actually setting over Ixtaccíhuatl
and 'Sunset over Ixtaccíhuatl' doesn't have quite the right ring
The shape of the mountain is not very picturesque either.
Yes, I would have called that one 'Sunset over Popocatépetl'
– if I could have taken it.

My camera wouldn't focus on the crescent moon
hanging over the Egyptian skyline,
horns pointing up, so close to the Equator,
and the evening star (Venus or some more ancient goddess)
just above and almost between the points.
If that one had worked it would have been called 'Islamic Moon.'

I couldn't possibly have taken a photograph
that would do any justice to the young piano student
in a Hungarian castle
hammering out Liszt as if the hounds of hell were after her,
but if I could, I would have had to call it 'Apassionata.'

And I didn't even have time to get my camera out
to take a picture of the wild humming bird
darting green and unconcerned
among dilapidated tenements in the heart of Mexico City.
But that living jewel shines bright in my memory,
even without a photo.
I don't know what I would have called that one,
and I'm sure it doesn't matter. 

Paul Hansford 

for Carmen


Cristi said...

Superbe toate! Minunate! :)

CARMEN said...

Daliana draga, ma bucur enorm ca ai trecut pe la MfC... noi iubitorii de fotografie (amatorii fotografi), admiram ARTA pe care o prezinti aici!
pupici ♥ Happy WW!

Suzana Miu said...

Minunate imagini! Un colorit de exceptie !
Happy WW!

Poteci de dor said...

Absolut superbe!

Liviu Bimbea said...

O Seară bună să ai !
Te rog ajită-mi cățărătorii să coboare din pom că vine noaptea și io-s bătrân.

Liviu Bimbea said...

O Seară bună să ai !
Te rog ajită-mi cățărătorii să coboare din pom că vine noaptea și io-s bătrân.

Anonymous said...

E Miercuri,deci e fără cuvinte !

Fram Actual said...

Daliana's home away from home.

I like the photographs, and their quality is marvelous once again. I especially like the one of the swimmer standing offshore in the water. I can recall a few times of swimming out into endless water, following the sun as it sank beneath the horizon, and then swimming back to shore in the gathering darkness.

Hmmmm .... where is Argos ??

Cute poem; I wonder if Carmen appreciated it.

Carmen Troncoso said...

Oh los magnificos colores!!

ADRIAN said...

What an interesting poem.
The images are a beautifully crafted set and this is from someone who is not usually interested in dawn or dusk shots.

Noke said...

Schöne Bilder tolle Farben.