Thursday, April 16, 2015

ROMANIA - Piatra Craiului National Park

Today ( for 3 hours ) I went in Piatra Craiului National Park
known as the cavers’ paradise - in Zarnesti near Brasov.
Zărnești is a town in Braşov County, Transylvania
It is located near the Piatra Craiului Mountains, which are part of the Southern Carpathians mountains range. Its close proximity to the Piatra Craiului make it a common start point for tourists and hikers wishing to explore "The Piatra Craiului National Park".


Fram Actual said...

I enjoy seeing photographs of snow-covered mountains and there is much in legend and literature which lend a magical quality to the Carpathian range. So, in a sentence, I envy you your nearness to them, Daliana, and I admire your talent for capturing their majesty through the lens of your camera.

The first photograph, in particular, seems to portray the home of gods and, most certainly, would have been considered to be so by those living at the dawn of history. It also beckons those who stand below the mountain to dare to ascend it.

Thank you, Daliana, for sharing your journey to the Piatra Craiului Mountains of the Southern Carpathians and to one of the natural treasures of Romania.

bettyl-NZ said...

This is an awesome series of photos! I enjoyed going along with you.