Friday, January 30, 2015

Pink Floyd-The Gunner's Dream

'Floating down through the clouds
Memories come rushing up to meet me now.
But in the space between the heavens
and the corner of some foreign field
I had a dream.
I had a dream.
Good-bye macs,
Good-bye Ma.
After the service when you're walking slowly to the car
And the silver in her hair shines in the cold November air
You hear the tolling bell
And touch the silk in your lapel
And as the tear drops rise to meet the comfort of the band
You take her frail hand
And hold on to the dream.
A place to stay
"Oi! A real one ..."
Enough to eat
Somewhere old heroes shuffle safely down the street
Where you can speak out loud
About your doubts and fears
And what's more no-one ever disappears
You never hear their standard issue kicking in your door.
You can relax on both sides of the tracks
And maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control
And everyone has recourse to the law
And no-one kills the children anymore.
And no one kills the children anymore.

Night after night
Going round and round my brain
His dream is driving me insane.
In the corner of some foreign field
The gunner sleeps tonight.
What's done is done.
We cannot just write off his final scene.
Take heed of the dream.
Take heed.'

The Final Cut (occasionally subtitled The Final Cut: A Requiem For The Post-War Dream by Roger Waters) is the twelfth studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd. It was released on 21 March 1983 by Harvest Records in the United Kingdom, and several weeks later by Columbia Records in the United States. A concept album, The Final Cut is the last of the band's studio releases to include founding member and long-time lyricist Roger Waters. It is the only Pink Floyd album on which Waters alone is credited for the writing and composition of every song. Most of the lyrics are sung by Waters; lead guitarist David Gilmour provides vocals on only one of the album's tracks.


Fram Actual said...

I have enjoyed the music of Pink Floyd, but never was an aficionado to the extent I am familiar with all of the band's music. I do not recall this particular song, but I enjoy the sound of it. As for the lyrics, I think I disagree a bit. I do not think gunners dream, and only an artist who is not/has never been a gunner would imagine it to be so. It reminds me, though, I think artists seldom experience reality; they flee from it. The song/concept could be the foundation for a fascinating discussion, though.

As for your sketch/painting, Daliana. I am less sure of myself. It is beautiful and intriguing, but I think I would have to speculate beyond my ability to attempt to interpret it.

ANRAFERA said...

Excellent composition. Congratulations Daliana for this great work.
P.D.: very good the topic of select Pink Floyd.

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