Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 - Year of the Horse

horse drawings
horse drawings
drawing by Daliana Pacuraru

2014 Chinese Lunar New Year of Horse

'And he looks at me, with eyes wiser than his years. He cannot tell me what his mind is saying, so instead he uses his powerful body to communicate. Sometimes his eyes alone can show the meaning behind his actions and other times just they way he carries himself tells me how he feels. There is no truer friend then him, for he knows me inside and out. When I sit astride him he listens to what my body tells him; not because he has to, but because he WANTS to. You cannot trap his spirit or be his master, for his soul alone is purer, his body, rippled with muscle, more powerful, his heart more forgiving than your own. He is an Angel without wings, his forelock and mane, his halo. He is more courageous, more loving, more trusting, more powerful, than any other being in this world - and yet so gentle as to let me join him on his Journey. He is my best friend, who tells no one of my secrets, who rejoices in my joys, shares in my sorrows, and his neck is always there to wrap around me in a caress. A caress that gives me everything I've ever needed: Warmth, security, hope, strength, and reassurance. I cannot break his spirit, nor would I ever want to. I cannot be his Master; only his Partner. When I do wrong, he does not judge me. When I cry, he comforts me. When I laugh, he prances around with his head held high and his tail streaming behind like silk. It is not I who teach him, it is he who teaches me. He does not need to talk for me to listen, I understand him in a way I'll never understand even myself. And he knows me, more than anyone that walks this earth. And he accepts me, for everything I am.. and everything I am not....' 

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horse drawings

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Spunsieu said...

Mi-ai adus aminte de vremea cand nu desenam decat cai si numai cai, am iubit tare mult aceste animale!