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Vama Veche (historical names: Ilanlâk, Ilanlâc, Turkish: Ilanlık) is a village in Constanţa County, Romania, on the Black Sea coast, near the border with Bulgaria, at 28.57 E longitude, 43.75 N latitude. It is part of the commune of Limanu and in 2002, it had a population of 178.
It was founded in 1811 by a few Gagauz families, originally being named "Ilanlîk". Its current name literally means "Old customs point", named so after Southern Dobruja (the Cadrilater) had been included in Romania in 1913. In 1940, however, that region was returned to Bulgaria, and the village has since lain once again near the border, but the name stuck.
Even in Communist Romania, Vama Veche had the reputation of a non-mainstream tourist destination, which has only grown since the Romanian Revolution of 1989. During the communist era, concern for border patrol sight lines spared Vama Veche the development that occurred in other Romanian Black Sea resorts. It became a hangout for intellectuals; for reasons that are not exactly clear, the generally repressive regime of Nicolae Ceauşescu chose to tolerate this countercultural oasis, as long as people had their identity papers with them. Accommodations consisted of tents or rooms rented from peasants or fishermen.[2] While camping is theoretically not permitted, to this day, many visitors or semi-permanent residents still stay in tents on the beach.( wiki)

In a forest known as heartbreak
In a clearing in the wood
'Cross a pathway called confusion
Toward the garden of delight

You'll reach the river of desire
And meekly try and cross it
While the valley of love
Keeps avoiding you
Because it's only an illusion
Only an illusion

Upon the hill of high ideals
You begin to wonder if it's real
You are reaching sleep's oasis
You begin to wonder how you feel

But it happens so quickly
It doesn't fit into your scenes
Tossin' and turnin'
The star of so many scenes
It's only an illusion

Writer: Hensley, Ken
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

Uriah Heep Illusion Lyrics


Joop Zand said...

Wonderful pictures with warm light..... i like this post very much.

Greetings, Joop

Have you already seen my other blog "Photo's in big size " you are welcome.

Jeanne said...

Just beautiful shots and love the lighting and the people that you have captured here!

Fram Actual said...

Golden days on golden beaches with golden sunsets create golden illusions .... so the message seems to be ....

The photography is marvelous; the music is melancholy; the story of Vama Veche is fascinating. All-in-all, you have assembled a memorable post, Daliana, which for some of us seems to identify our destiny itself.

Ola said...

very good shots, amazing atmosphere!

Photos by Stan said...

Lovely set of images. I like the last three images especially -- excellent use of HDR.

Spunsieu said...

Ai surprins un cer minunat. Multi visatori dornici sa vada rasaritul!

Alexandra Ali said...

Interesant: isotir, muzic si foto superbe .... imi place lumina bl;anda pe care o impart...

Happy WW!

Unknown said...

Soarele plătește vama pentru a putea veni la noi.
Să ai o zi liniștită.

Vasile Dumitru said...

interesante culori! metalice! dar metale de bijutier!

CARMEN said...

Superb! si fara cuvinte!...

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