Friday, June 21, 2013

Ciclop Parking and Graffiti (STREET DELIVERY FESTIVAL)

Opened in 1923, Ciclop is the first multi-storey parking space in Bucharest.
Although it is still functional today, the parking space suffers from an identity “crisis”, lacking a clear direction of development.
With its impressive architecture and historical meaning built over the last century (90 years since its opening), the Ciclop parking space, now “hidden” from public eye, can be rediscovered through artistic interventions and redirected towards a new moment in its “life”.
The invited artists will play with ideas and forms in their own personal and unique style, thus changing the course of the present time. 
ileana partenie 
Over 35 artists invited from different fields: street art, installation, painting, photography, performance.

Expoziţie de artă contemporană în Parcarea Ciclop din Bucureşti

Ciclop este prima parcare supraetajată din Bucureşti, construită în 1923 şi funcţională şi în prezent. Clădirea nu este foarte fotogenică, se încadrează mai degrabă în categoria blocurilor-mamut, cu un aer trist şi cenuşiu.
Mai mulţi artişti şi-au propus să dea viaţă spaţiului din interiorul parcării, cu pereţii cojiţi şi prăfuiţi, şi au adus un strop de culoare în Parcarea Ciclop printr-o expoziţie non-conformistă de street art, pictură, fotografie, instalaţie.


Gringo said...

Love this type of street art!

cartim said...

Arata excelent , suoerrrrrr !!

Imi plac foarte mult !!

Photos by Stan said...

Glorious and eye-popping shots!! Kudos--

Filip and Kristel said...

Just waw, would like to visit this place. I will make a note.


Fram Actual said...

There are several things that strike me about Romania, Daliana, not the least of which is the use of (and, the apparent love of) bright, brilliant colors. They constantly are emerging in the art, in the crafts, in the traditional costumes. And, you always seem to be at the right place at the right time to capture the many art forms these colors appear in no matter where the location.

Your photography is masterful, as always, and a pleasure to view. Thank you, for another look at life in and the history of your country.

kwarkito said...

here is a series of striking images. I really like the idea of this car park, which is still in operation, being delivered to the artists. Their colourful inspiration and bold graphics enhance this austere place. Thank you very much for this testimony.

Sami said...

Loads of colour and variety of great murals. Thanks for contributing Daliana.

Jim said...

The eye has it.

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