Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Drawings by Daliana Pacuraru
'I think it is time to face yourself again.
Then again, it is always time.'
- Stonepeace

The secret of the Buddha's smile lies in the mastery of his mind through the practice of meditation. Yet, as alluring as the Buddha's smile is, many of us are still puzzled by it, for it presents many a mystery. Why is the Buddha smiling? What is he smiling about? How did he manage to attain the True Happiness that his smile represents? Perhaps most importantly, can we smile a similar smile too? Of course we can! Is that not the deeper reason why we venerate the Buddha ,so as to draw inspiration from him, so as to emulate his perfect compassion and wisdom? The good news is that ever since the Buddha smiled his magic smile, he shared on how we can too.

Heedfulness is the path to the deathless (Nirvana; liberation from suffering of rebirth).
Heedlessness is the path to death (and rebirth).
The heedful die not (as they are alive with mindfulness).
The heedless are as if dead alr,eady (as they live mindlessly).

- The Buddha

angkor wat art

drawings : pets-portrets, angkor-wat, whittard-shop-and-my-drawings
angkor-wat, wind_22., angkor-wat_24, horse,
angkor-wat-kampukeea, 2010, wild-horses-of-fire-horse-series
horses, rider , horse face, my-horse-haiku, horse-poetry-poster


ADRIAN said...

These are wonderful.
I wish you every success with them.
Have a really good 2013.

Windsmoke. said...

Bonza drawings. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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