Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Transalpina Road (Transalpina) - PART 1

Transalpina is the lengthiest road that stretches over the Carpathian Mountains – and this is valid not only in Romania, where Transalpina is found, but also in the other Carpathian countries. The road traverses the Parang Mountains from the north to the south, being parallel with the Olt and Jiu Rivers; the maximum altitude is reached in Urdele Strait (2145).
Transalpina has been constructed by the Roman armies on their way to Sarmisegetuza and has been paved by King Carol II after 1930 (this being the reason for which Transalpina is also known as the King’s Road). After the Second Word War, this mountainous path had been rehabilitated by the Germans. But afterwards, the road was forgotten. No one ever took the responsibility of maintaining Transalpina in good use.
In 2007, a public works project set out to modernize the Transalpina by paving the roads and making it easier for tourists to enjoy the highest altitude highway in the country. It would take five years to finish.

Traseul Transalpinei are o lungime de: 
    - 141 km de la Novaci la Saliste, respectiv 155 km de la Bengesti (locul unde se desprinde traseul Transalpinei din DN67             Tg.Jiu - Rm.Valcea) la Saliste (intersectia cu DN1 Sibiu - Sebes), 
    - 137 km de la Novaci la Sebes, respectiv 148 km de la Bengesti la Sebes (DN67C) pentru cei care aleg aceasta ruta.

We freely speak of dreams
We marvel at what they conceal
But in my wonderworld
Each sleeping vision is so real
So I believe and hope
That all the things I see
May one day bring
Such truth and peace
As we can feel

Free from this waking world
Deep in sleep's mystery
My will is free to wander
Free to wander carelessly
At times it's not so far
From what we call reality
And at times I know I wonder
If it all could come true

Oh, Mr. Wonderworld
Don't be afraid
'Cause dreams were made
Were made to dim the light
The torment day can bring
And leave you free
To laugh aloud and hear
Your heart bells ring
Oh, oh, Mr. Wonderworld

Oh, Mr. Wonderworld
Don't be afraid
'Cause your dreams were made
They were made to dim the light
The torment day can bring
And leave you free
To laugh aloud and hear
Your heart bells ring
Oh, oh, Mr. Wonderworld

Artist: Uriah Heep lyrics
Title: Wonderworld

Forgotten Roads - Tabla Buţii


Rick Forrestal said...

Sprawling mountain beauty,
and a magnificent achievement.
Thank you for sharing this information
and beautiful pics.

Fotonita said...

WOW! Beautiful series! Wonderful landscape!

Have a nice Sunday! : )

Lasse said...

A marvellous set of pictures ! Thanks for sharing, magnificent !!

Andra said...

Foarte frumosa zona si niste poze bine realizate.

Al said...

What beautiful photos - I absolutely love scenery like this. The maximum altitude of that highway is slightly less than the altitude of our house (2,286 m)!

Piipsy said...

Beautiful photos!

Filip and Kristel said...

Extreme beauty, I didn't know this of Romania.


elly weiss said...

Superbe fotografii! Am fost pe Transalpina in octombrie, spre sfarsitul lunii. Era atata ceata ca n-am reusit sa fac fotografii. AM incercat, n-a iesit nimic. Mi-a parut foarte rau, pentru ca nu stiu cand mai ajung. Daca mai ajung.
O seara placuta in continuare!

Traveling Hawk said...

Multumesc pentru delectare, Daliana!

Anonymous said...

If I only could, would love to walk it on foot.

Fram Actual said...

I think it would be easy to get lost in this "wonderworld" of yours, Daliana. I do not mean literally lost, although possibly that, too. I mean for an individual to decide this is where I want to be, a place where I am able to escape all the madness of the world and live in the midst of Nature's splendor. The region is truly wondrous.

I could write any number of adjectives to describe your photographs, Daliana, but I will settle on one: Superb. I think I have said before that you have a magical touch with a camera. Well, I say it again.

melanzana said...


joshi daniel said...

so beautiful :)


preciosas fotos

Stan said...

A positively grand set of images in which you beautifully captured the grandeur of the landscapes.

Anna B. said...

Impossibile non incantarsi!

ANRAFERA said...

Maravilloso lugar, preciosas fotografías.
Gracias por acercárnoslo. Un cordial saludo.

Nádia Santos said...

Belas imagens! Parabéns! Um grande abraço.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Magnificent scenery and you managed to get the best from those moody clouds, even the sheep are on a journey :-)

Victor said...

frumoasă serie... simt un fior de patriotism în frumuseţile astea ale tale...