Friday, December 2, 2011

Romania National Day

"...The Great Union of 1918 was and remains the most sublime event in Romanian history. Its greatness resides in the fact that the fulfilment of the national unity is not the work of any politician, government or party; it is the historic deed of the whole Romanian nation, accomplished out of a powerful longing coming from the vivid awareness of the unity of the people and channelled by the political leaders for it to be led towards its aim with a remarkable political intelligence. [...]

The Great Union was not the result of Romania participating in the war. Neither the supporters of the Entente, nor those of the Central Powers did take into account the Russian revolution or the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Their reasoning followed the traditional formula of the power relations between states: the victory of the Entente would bring to us Bucovina, Transylvania and the Banat, while the victory of the Central Powers would bring Bessarabia; one victory excluded the other so that no one could see how all these provinces could join the borders of the Old Kingdom simultaneously. [...]

It was not a military victory that laid the foundation of Great Romania, but the will of the Romanian nation to create for itself the territorial and institutional framework that is the national state. [...]

A historic necessity - the nation has to live within a national state - proved to be more powerful than any government or party, guilty of selfishness or incompetence and, putting the nation into motion, gave it that huge drive to overcome all the adversities and make its dream come true: the national state. [...]"

Florin Constantiniu - "A Sincere History of the Romanian People", "Univers Enciclopedic" Publishing House, 1997, p. 301-302.


Joop Zand said...

It's a very nice serie with good compositions and colors..... it's really good Daliana.

Have a nice day.

warm greetings, Joop

ADRIAN said...

Congratulations on your National Day. I love the first image and the light on the flags under the arch.
You look a very militaristic nation which I am sure, from previous posts, is not true.
I would not want to face the men in Black.

Betty Manousos said...

congrats on your national day!!

love the photos...thanks so much for sharing.

betty x

Anonymous said...


Malgorzata Ingstad said...

Congrats! many good photos of people celebrating the day!

dmd. said...

da, (încă) avem ţară si o zi naţională...salutări Daliana.

Dungha said...

Hai cu seria si pe 2 cents :))

Diverse said...

Frumoase fotografiile! La multi ani Romania! :)


Cheers! Have a peaceful celebration! All the best to Romania.

Maureen said...

Very Nice Dahlian, looks like a very colorful celebration, what exactly is the celebration?

Bibliotecaru said...

Parada a arătat bine anul acesta... să ne rugăm însă să nu avem nevoie de soldaţi... să fie ei numai pentru paradă pe timp de pace.

ANRAFERA said...

I wait you all good goes.
I like it very much the captures that you us expose in this excellent article.

Susan Anderson said...

Wonderful. Stirring and unique.

You certainly know how to frame a photo!


Traveling Hawk said...

Parada serioasa la Bucuresti...n-am urmarit-o la TV! Imi place poza pustiului ridicat sus, sa vada mai bine, probabil.

Windsmoke. said...

Bonza photos i can't pick a favourite one this time round :-).

Costea Mircea said...

Frumoase fotografii. Din păcate nu am fost în Bucureşti, anul acesta.
Un weekend frumos!

Angela Häring-Christen said...

Congratulations on your National Day.
Very good pictures!

Anonymous said...

May peace continue to rule.

Fram Actual said...

There might be nothing more stirring than a display of nationalism and nationalistic pride, and that you are very proud of your country and your people is always evident in your work, Wind.

The array of uniforms strikes me, with flavors of imperialistic and traditional splendor harmonizing with Eastern Bloc memories and Western European/American state of the art styles. I think it demonstrates, perhaps unintentionally, a sense of Romanian independence to make its own way into the future while not forgetting its past.

I really love the many candid shots of the troops as their waiting for movement goes on and endlessly on -- seemingly waiting forever, just as Roman legionnaires must have done beneath these same skies nearly two thousand years ago and just as I, myself, have done on occasion in the not too distant past. Excellent work, Wind.

Kaya said...

I would like to congratulate you on this big and very important holiday, National Day in Romania.

I looked at these pictures with a great interest. There is so much pride and love in them. Pride for their country. I think this day united everybody.

That is such a beautiful togetherness when no more for a while conflicts only love. That is how I felt when I looked at these beautiful series.

Beautiful pictures and very touching moments.

Greetings from Kaya.

cartim said...

Cred ca a fost greu de facut aceste fotografii, pe langa mana ta buna si aparat cred ca a trebuit sa iti croiesti loc si printre cei care asistau la defilare.

Oricum a iesit ceva deosebit, felicitari !!!

PS. Nenea ala are o grimasa,aveam laspus pe FB unde am discut cu tine :P

Unknown said...

Magnifico reportaje lleno de color y nitidez.
Si señor! una obra de arte.

Elisa said...

Wonderful pictures for a great celebration!

pandhora said...

la multi ani de Ziua Noastra,la multi ani Romania!

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