Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rome - life, art, stones - Travel Series

Today in Rome, heading down
Michelangelo’s Spanish Steps,
under an unchanging moon,
I held on to the balustrade,
grateful for his giving me a hand.
All for love, I stumbled over the past
as if it were my own feet. Here, in my twenties,
I was lost in love and poetry. Along the Tiber,
I made up Cubist Shakespearean games.
I played with an ignorant mirror for an audience:
myself, embroiled with personage
from Antony and Cleopatra. Delusions of grandeur!
They were for a time my foul-weather friends—
as once I played with soldiers
on the mountainous countryside of a purple blanket.

Stanley Moss, “Return to Rome” from A History of Color: New and Collected Poems.


FreeSeoDesign said...

Imagini interesante.
Roma - mediul cultural si istoric e de apreciat.

J_on_tour said...

I was there 3 years ago and I was so intent on getting the classical tourist shots. Like most other places I've been to, I need to go twice to look for different things. I like to look for repetition things like your St Peters chairs and columns

joanna said...



dmd. said...

Cine ma incanta cu imagini,...Daliana.Multumesc.

aoki takatugu said...

Shell will also take a look an attractive piece riveting

aoki takatugu said...

aoki takatugu said...

Great composition and colors very beautiful and charming, we bless your talent

Joop Zand said...

Goodmorning Wind

Again a lot off very nice pictures from Rome,
the colors and lighting are so beautiful......your great !!

warm greetings and a nice weekend,


Unknown said...

incantatoare serie.felicitari.

Anonymous said...

We definetively have a photo star here so far,, congrats Wind,,nice to find such quality on blogger, and very inspiring as well.

Hope you to recover soon from that nasty flu,,i am becoming better fortunately,,remember that you have that travel still pending =)

Keep well and have a nice day !!

Anonymous said...

these photos are very beautiful, I like the shades of gray and prospects, the views are sublim!
Bye !!

becky said...

Wow, you have some amazingly beautiful photos here... all places I've never been. I've traveled a lot in my country... but nothing internationally... yet. There is so much beauty in the world. Thanks for sharing yours!

DuCo said...

Wow , Rome ...un oras prin excelenta dedicat artei . Istorie , monumente si locuri de arta expuse permanent.
Imaginile sunt superbe , culorile foarte frumoase , fotograful fel.
Ciao !

cartim said...

Vedi Roma e poi mori!
Foarte bine ai surprins frumusetea sculpturilor de acolo.Cred ca e un oras suprainbcarcat de istorie si cultura.

Berit said...

Beautiful Rome, and beautiful pictures.
Have a great weekend:) Berit.

Wout said...

You have a nice blog with many beautiful pictures.
Greetings from Spain, Wout’s fotobloG

robert said...

Cu toate ca in cazul tau, cuvintele sunt de prisos, am sa incerc cateva ...

8827 - este favorita seriei - astept norii din Corfu ;)

8822 - nu ai cumva si varianta privita din unghiul opus? :D

8652 - tocmai am citit un articol pe Se pare ca romanii inainte de a incalta sandalele isi puneau si ciorapii; desi in toate sculpturile si basoreliefurile nu se "intrevede" asa ceva.

8761 - nu e periculos sa te avanti asa in inaltimi... chiar daca te numesti "wind"?

PS: ar trebui sa iti optimizezi fotografiile pentru cautare. E pacat sa nu beneficieze si altii de ele.

Printemps said...

Romania, i must visit.
Beautiful pictures.

Clint said...

Beautiful! Thank You.

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